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10 New Functions Comes with iPhone 7

As one of the most popular smartphones in 2016, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are discussed among websites, blogs and forums. There are rumors about some iPhone 7 specs, such as screen, battery, camera, storage, and more. Some insiders says that Apple is working on the hardware so as to make iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 thinner and thinner. It’s said that iPhone 7 will be the thinnest iPhone ever. Let’s see 10 new functions and rumors come with iPhone 7.

Release Date
The accurate features of iPhone 7 won’t be confirmed until the release date, September, 2016 that Apple used to do.

Apple will upgrade the display, Sapphire display, which is excels at avoiding scratch and resisting shatter is better than Gorilla Glass which was adopted on the previous iOS devices. So, it is possible that this will add on iPhone 7 price a little because of the display material.

Many rumors pointed out that iPhone 7 will adopt a hexa-core A10 chip processor and pre-install iOS 10 on the device. And it is very likely that it will give it a 4GB of RAM. I am quite expected that all these hardware and software will be upgraded compared to iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus to give iPhone 7 users a better user experience.
3.5mm Headphone Jack
The headphone jack might be the very topic that iPhone users care about. Rumor has it that Apple might omit the 3.5mm headphone jack. As reported by AppleInsider, iPhone 7 will omit the headphone but replace it with a second speaker.
According to the rumors, Apple will adopt 16-megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel front one on iPhone 7. Macrumors also reported that Apple will reduce the size of the camera lens so that it will make iPhone thinner. This is trustable because smartphone users prefer to purchase phones which are much thinner and lighter. According to KGI Secrities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, iPhone 7 will adopt a single-lens camera while iPhone 7 Plus has a dual-lens camera instead.

The battery of iPhone 7 hasn’t been confirmed yet. However, I am sure that the battery will be larger in capacity compare to iPhone 6s (1750mAh) because Apple might have hear from the complaint from the iPhone users that iPhone battery is not enough especially when watching a movie on iPhone.

Have you ever dropped your iPhone in the toilet or spilt the water on the desk and as a result damaged your iPhone? This won’t happen to you anymore if eventually iPhone 7 is confirmed to be waterproof. Besides the rumor about waterproof, it is also rumored that even if your fingers are wet, the touch screen will still works and give you a corresponding interaction.
Wireless Charging
Though the wireless charging is not adopted on iPhone 6s rumors predict, it was finally adopted on Apple Watch, with the ceramic back. So, it is very likely that the wireless charging is mature now and will be adopted on the coming Apple device, iPhone 7.
USB-C Port
Some rumors also indicated that the USB-C port, which was adopted on Apple’s new Macbook, is likely to be adopted on iPhone 7. However, this is not for sure and the 30-pin connector is sufficient for iPhone users in recent days.
There are no many rumors about the price yet. But referring to the price of iPhone 6s, it is very likely that the price of iPhone 7 will be more than $649. If Apple finally ditch 16GB model of iPhone 7, the price will be a little higher than this.

iPhone 7 will obviously become the popular Apple device in 2016. Most of these rumors haven’t been confirmed or denied yet but we will keep an eye on this flagship model and let you know as soon as possible. If you have heard about other iPhone 7 specs and rumors that we haven’t mentioned, please leave it in the comment blank below to discuss with other Apple fans here.

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