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5 Ways to Unlock Mac With iPhone

To keep our Mac data from peeking by others, most of us will lock our Mac when we leave our Mac. However, to enter the long password into the login blank is a tedious job and sometimes, even you might forget the password and can’t unlock your iPhone. To solve this problem, there are many solutions provided for you. Today, I will show you 5 useful apps for both your Mac and iPhone so that you can set up and use it to unlock Mac with iPhone.

Part 1. Near Lock: Unlock Mac When Your iPhone is Near
Part 2. Tether: Unlock Mac with iPhone Nearby
Part 3. MacID: Unlock Mac with iPhone Touch ID
Part 4. KeyTouch: Press on iPhone to Unlock Mac
Part 5. Knock: Knock on iPhone and Open the Door to Mac

Part 1. Near Lock: Unlock Mac When Your iPhone is Near

The first one I’d love to share with you will be Near Lock. You can download Near Lock for your iPhone/iPad and one for your Mac: As long as you use iPhone 4s or later and iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini and Mac Pro.

Step 1. Download Near Lock and Pair iPhone and Mac with Near Lock
Download and install Near Lock on your iPhone and Mac and then open the app on both your Mac and iOS device. After that, your iPhone will start scanning your Mac via Bluetooth and you will get a popup saying that “iPhone wants to connect.” Tap “Accept” and proceed.


Step 2. Login Password for Mac on iPhone
Then, you will be asked to type in the password for your Mac on iPhone Near Lock. Tap “Connect” and it has been set up.

Step 3. Choose Unlock Distance for Near Lock
Then, in the interface of iPhone Near Lock, you will see two options: Near Lock and Fast Lock.
Near Lock will lock your Mac when you are away and unlock when you approach.
Fast Lock will lock your Mac will lock when you tap the center icon on iPhone.


Note: You can also set up the preferences on Mac as you wish. For example, you will see a Near Lock toggle on your Mac. It will show you the distance of your iPhone to Mac. You can choose slide left or right to adjust the distance. That is, if it is 1.4m that you set for “Distance” and your iPhone is more than 1.4m far away from your Mac, you can’t unlock your Mac with your iPhone.


Part 2. Tether: Unlock Mac with iPhone Nearby

Tether, another app to remotely manage your Mac with your iPhone, allows you to unlock Mac on your iPhone rather than type in the long password. It’s similar to the app, Near Lock that we’ve mentioned above which unlocked Mac on basis of Bluetooth connection.

With Tether, we can not only unlock our Mac easily but also set it to sleep, restart, shut down or even log out. Moreover, you can also mute sound, play videos, skip tracks, pause movies and control media playing as MacID does.


Part 3. MacID: Unlock Mac with iPhone Touch ID

MacID is also a useful app for you to unlock Mac with iPhone. Now, let’s see how to use MacID to unlock Mac with iPhone.

Step 1. Install MacID on Both Mac and iPhone
Download MacID for Mac and MacID for iPhone/iPad first and pair the two devices with Bluetooth.

Step 2. Set Up “Tap to Unlock” on Mac
On your Mac, choose “MacID” icon and select “Tap to Unlock” > “Setup…” in the dropdown list.


Step 3. Set Up Taps on Mac
In the popup windows, follow the instruction and tap your finger on the multi-touch trackpad to record your fingerprint. Tap “Save” after the setup to end this. For the further detailed how-to-use guide and more function, you can check this post: What Can MacID Do For You.


Part 4. KeyTouch: Press on iPhone to Unlock Mac

Like MacID, KeyTouch works on basic of Touch ID. At the first place, you should have your fingerprint input and identified by the sensor. After that, you can scan use Touch ID sensor on your iPhone to lock or unlock your Mac.


Part 5. Knock: Knock on iPhone and Open the Door to Mac

Knock is also an awesome app to unlock your Mac with iPhone. You will be quite surprised about how it unlocks your Mac. You don’t need to enter the password nor input your fingerprint and unlock with Touch ID.

Step 1. Download Knock for iOS and Mac and match them with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy.
Step 2. Choose the Knock icon on the top of your Mac desktop and hit “Set up Knock” in the dropdown list.


Step 3. Then you will get an instruction asking you to lock your iPhone. The same message will also display on iPhone.
Step 4. After that, you will get an instruction asking you to knock twice on your iPhone (Yes. Knock. Like that you do to knock at the door.)


Step 5. Enter the password to give Knock permission to unlock your Mac.


Now, when you want to unlock your Mac, you just need to knock twice on your iPhone even if your iPhone is in your pocket.

No matter which method you choose to unlock your Mac (on basis of Bluetooth, Touch ID or knocking on the iPhone), you can choose your favorite one as you wish. With Near Lock, Tether, MacID, KeyTouch and Knock, you can unlock your Mac without entering the long password.

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