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6 New iOS 9 Features that are Rocking our World

I believe that you’ve heard a lot of iOS 9, the latest operating system for iPhone 6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/6/5s/5c, iPad Pro/Air 2/mini 4/mini 3 released by Apple Inc. on September. In this post, I will show you several tips for getting more from iOS 9.

Get Public Transit Directions

The new features of iOS 9 bring lots of conveniences to iPhone and iPad users. You just need to type in the place you want to go to on the Map app and Apple app will locate according to GPS and automatically find different routes to the destination including drive, walk and transit. You can choose the most convenient approach for you. One shortcoming of this feature is that it supports only a few cities so far.


Spotlight and Siri Become Smarter

1. Sports: By typing in the basketball team, Siri will list the game result of the basketball team. Besides, all the related info of the basketball team you search for will be shown.
2. Weather: When you ask Siri “What’s the weather like tomorrow?“, Siri will show the detail hour-by-hour weather forecasts for you.
3. Basic Math Skills: Siri can also help you do simple calculations. To take some examples, you can ask Siri What’s $100 in Japanese Yen, what is 8 plus 6, and more.


4. Find Contacts: Ask Siri to call Jack and Siri will find Jack in your contacts and provide you with different choices: FaceTime call, message session or phone call as you wish.
5. Siri is Contextual: You can ask Siri: “Where’s the nearest cinema?” And Siri will find the latest cinema for you. Then, when you ask, “What movies are on show in it?” and Siri will recognize that the “it” you mentioned referred to the nearest cinema.

New Features in Note

1. Draw in Note
Use pen, brush, erase and ruler to draw in Note.


2. Add To-Do List in Note
In iOS 9, you are allowed to add to-do list in note and check those finished as well. Besides, you can also add photos or link into the note.



The picture-in-picture function allows you to do other things while watching the videos. You can tap on the pop-out option on the videos and the video will be played in a smaller window. You are allowed to drag the small window to anywhere you want. Meanwhile, you can reply to the email, check the calendar or do other things on your iPad Pro/Air 2/mini 4 with ease.


Lower Power Mode

Feedbacks on battery drain issue for most iOS devices are heated. To solve the shortcoming that iOS devices runs out of battery easily. The Apple developers have designed and released the “Lower Power Mode“. It will save you power when turned on, but the mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads and more functions will be turned off during this.


Search in Settings

There are loads of settings on iPhone/iPad and it’s a little inconvenient if we have to tap several times to get the exact interface we want. For example, we need to go to “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Erase All Contents and Settings” to erase your iPhone/iPad. After the release of iOS 9, we can simply click type in “Erase All Contents and Settings” in the search blank to make things easier.


That’s only some of the iOS 9 new features, for more tips and tricks, please follow us and keep an eye on our update. We will show you tips/tricks and news about Apple devices and operating systems.

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