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3D Touch: 8 Features to Preview Safari

In the previous articles, we’ve introduced you how to export PDF files to iPhone with 3D Touch and other features you can do on iPhone with 3D Touch. However, do you know that you can make full use of Safari with 3D Touch? Here are 8 features 3D Touch can bring you while you are using Safari:

1. Enter Private-Browsing Mode and Check Reading List/Bookmarks
By pressing on the Safari icon on the desktop, you can choose “Show Reading List“, “Show Bookmarks“, “New Private Tab” and “New Tab“.
With this feature, you can open new tabs, browse in private mode, open bookmarks or check reading list without opening the app and hit several times.

2. Preview Safari Web Links with 3D Touch
Like the peek and pop feature in Mail app, you can check inbound links in Safari. Tap on the link and you can view the content of the link without leaving the current page. To enter the inbound link, you just need to press deeper. If you want more options like “Open in Background“, “Add to Reading List” or “Copy“, you can just press and swipe up.
3. Preview Images with iPhone 3D Touch
This also works if you want to preview Images on iPhone. Just preview the image by pressing on it. To save image or copy them, you just need to swipe up without leaving your finger from the screen.
4. Preview Favorite Bookmarks on 3D Touch
We will save bookmarks as we use our iPhone Safari so that we can visit sites that we regularly visit with only one click. How to make it simpler when you want to access to your favorite site? Just choose Safari Bookmark icon and choose another bookmark icon as the interface below shows (the one looks like a book). After that, choose “Favorites“. Now, you can choose any of the saved sites in your favorite list to preview by pressing on it. Press deeper and you can open it.
The steps to preview Bookmarks on iPhone 3D Touch will be similar. Just tap to preview and tap deeper to open.

5. Preview Articles in Reading List
In the Bookmarks interface, you can see two more options next to the Bookmark option. One is Reading List (look like a pair of glasses), another is the Share Links option (shown as “@“). In the Reading List, the pages you save for later use are all listed here. You can enter the Bookmarks List and choose Reading List. Press on any of the articles you want to preview it and press deeper to open it.
6. Preview Shared Links with 3D Touch
One more powerful feature is that 3D Touch allows you to peek and pop shared links from people that you follow on Twitter, Linked in and web feeds you subscribed. Just choose “@” option in the Bookmarks List interface and then press to preview and press deeper to open.
7. Preview Frequently Visited Websites
As we all know, when we put the cursor into the address bar of Safari, the frequently visited websites will be shown in the interface. To preview the frequently visited websites, you just need to tap on any of the website logo shown below and tap deeper to open it.
8. Check Cards in Tab Screen on iPhone with 3D Touch
The last but practical feature of 3D Touch on Safari will be checking cards in Tab Screen. The websites that you recently opened in tabs will be shown in a card-based interface. It is hard to choose the correct one you want from the Tab Screen when there are dozens of tabs opened. However, with 3D Touch, it gets easier. Just tap on the tab-selection icon on the lower-right corner of the Safari screen and all the opened tabs will be shown as below. Press any of these tabs slightly to see it better and press deeper to open it.
In a word, 3D Touch brings us many conveniences while we are using Safari on our iPhone. It also works on other apps like Mail, Map, Camera and more on other iOS device like iPad.

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