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How to Add Extension to Contacts on iPhone

To call the contact that you regularly dial on your iPhone quicker, you can add extension for the quick dial. It is very simple and handy. Today I will show you how to add extension to iPhone contacts.

Steps to Add Extension to Contacts on iPhone

Step 1. Find iPhone Contacts to Set Up
Tap on the phone call icon on your iPhone home screen to enter the following screen. Find the contacts that you want to add extension. Enter the contact and tap on “Edit” on the top right corner.
Step 2. Add Extension for iPhone Contacts
Now, you will see the screen as the first screenshot below shows. Tap on the phone number and the keyboard will pop up. You will find that the regular “*” icon is replaced by a new one – “+*#“. Tap on it and you will see the second screenshot as below.
* If you tap on the “Pause” button, it will add a comma after the phone number and you can add the extension. Your iPhone will be set up pausing briefly after the call is answered before automatically dialing the extension.
* If you tap on the “Wait” button, it will add semi-colon. This will wait after the call is answered until you tap “Dial“.
That’s very simple to add extension, isn’t it? Please feel free to leave comments below if you have any problem about that.

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