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Apple iOS 9.2 Beta Review: 7 New Features Unveiled

You know, Apple works hard on the iOS recently to fix the bugs and give quick response to solve the problems that brings inconveniences to iOS users. Thankfully, Apple gave birth to iOS 9.2 Beta 3 which carries 7 new features to help solve the shortcomings in the previous version. Let’s see what they are:

AT&T NumberSync Service

As long as you are AT&T users who have upgraded iOS devices to the latest iOS 9.2, you can use the NumberSync service. AT&T NumberSync allows you to make or receive text messages and phone calls on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and even Apple Watch in precondition of Wi-Fi connection. After connecting the AT&T devices like smartphones, tablets and wearable devices to your main number with AT&T NumberSync, all the incoming SMS will be forwarded to all theses device at the same time. numbersync

Add New Language – Arabic in Safari

Apple is expanding its market to Arabic area. For example, it has opened up its flagship retail stores in Abu Dhabi and Dubai a few weeks ago. In the release of iOS 8, you can find that Arabic is also added in QuickType and Keyboard Dictation. These will all serve the iOS users there in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and more Arabic cities.

3D Touch Effects Become More Fluid

If you’ve used iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, you will find that the 3D touch of iPhone 6s Plus is less smooth than iPhone 6s. This has been finally fixed in the latest iOS 9.2. With the improved 3D touch, you can read your email, make phone call, take photos, check Camera Roll, view Calendar/Reminder and more simply with the 3D Touch effect. 3d-touch

Smoother Switch Between Apps

We use dozens of frequently-used apps on our iPad every day. From some iOS forums, we will find that iOS users are complaining the delay while switching apps on their iOS 9.1 device. To solve this, Apple makes quick response to solve the bug on iOS 9.2. Now, App Switcher is smooth enough for you to jump between apps as lightning.

Swipe Fluidly in Safari

There’s a new hidden tricks in Safari. You are allowed to go back to the previous page by swiping to top-left corner of the screen and go forward by swiping to top-right. That’s useful but there will be a lag when you swipe twice or more to browse the page at the very beginning. iOS 9.2 has also have this fixed to enable multiple swipes in quick without delay.

Improve Safari View Controller

Safari View Controller allows third-party app extensions to allow Safari pop-ups. Moreover, this new features will allow some third-party apps like password manager or something to fill the passwords automatically when you are going to sign in some accounts with your Safari. Besides, the Safari View Controller also allows us to use long press on the “Reload” button to request desktop site on Safari.

Faster Multitasking Animations Speed on iPhone 4s

Apple didn’t give up its old devices. iPhone 4s users will find that the multitasking works perfectly smooth after they updated to the latest iOS 9.2. As we know, tap twice on the “Home” button and we will enter the manager page of the opened app. In the iOS 9.2, it is super fast to swipe to find the opened apps you would like to use without lag. More small bugs are fixed as well, iCloud Keychain, Apple Watch syncing and audio streams. We hope that the Touch ID fingerprint sensor are included in the new update because a large number of iOS users are complaining that the Touch ID doesn’t work sometimes. As an Apple fan, I do hope that iOS device can become nicer and nicer.

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