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Apple Siri is Coming to Mac OS X 10.12

Siri History
Siri was first unveiled on iPhone 4s (iOS 5) back in October 2011. Ever since then, Apple has popularized it to iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV. There are many predictions that Siri will come to Mac Mavericks (OS X 10.9) a few years earlier, however, it’s been waiting so long for Siri to come to Mac.

9to5Mac quoted that the sources unveil that Apple will, finally, launch Siri on Mac OS X 10.12, which is also known as Mac Fuji this summer. With this professional virtual assistant built-in on Mac OS X, we can launch apps, play music, check weather forecasting, look up sports scores, search webs, and add appointments to calendars, etc. It is said that there will be a Siri option located in the menu bar at the top.
Reason Why It Take So Long to Have Siri on Mac
If Apple is planning to launch Siri on Mac, why would it take such a long time? There are several possible reasons that might explain:
1. Patent issue. Maybe there are some obstacles while applying for the patent.
2. Translate issue. Perhaps it is more difficult to translate Siri as used on Mac to that on iPhone than expected.
3. Competition issue. There are many other virtual assistant such as Microsoft’s Cortana on Windows 10 and Google’s voice search. These might reduce the market demand of Siri on Mac to some extent.
4. Practicability issue. The reason why Siri is welcomed by iPhone, iPad users is that it is not that handy to type on the tiny keyboard with their thumbs. Things are a little different on Mac: It’s quite simple to search the Internet or open apps with our keyboard, mouse or trackpad. Lastly, I think it is quite wired to talk to a computer while the office is quiet and your colleagues are busying working.

Interface and Features of Siri on Mac OS X 10.12 (Fuji)
The sources said that the interface of Siri on Mac is now being tested and according to the most recent version, the interface will be a dark semi-transparent overlay on the top-right corner of the screen. Siri could be activated via a trackpad gesture.
Though Siri on Mac is not that welcomed as that on iPhone/iPad and Apple Watch, we do hope that Apple will still try their best to surprise us with more powerful feature.

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