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Daily Curiosity Get Smarter Every Day

How to get smarter by taking use of broken time? Now you are coming to the right place. Daily Curiosity helps you to take full advantage of every second to update your knowledge by bringing you the top 5 amazing topics handpicked out of thousands of topics in info graphics and key facts.

Daily Curiosity is a mobile app gets you smarter every day. It supports Android 4.4 system, iPad, iPod touch and iPhone running iOS 8.0 or later for free.

Unlike other daily recommendation app, Daily Curiosity is an free and useful entertainment that features user-friendly layout, engaging image with simple and concise information. What’s more, it delivers variety of interesting topics handpicked by editors ranging from science to world records to logic puzzles. Only if you are a person who thirsts for knowledge and exotica, you deserve the great app to keep your brains working and refreshing.

Daily Digest

The moment you enter the home page of Daily Curiosity will presents you variety of scrolling exotic info. After refreshing, the first you notice are five amazing topics of Today’ Digest delivering in info graphic and key fact. You can swipe up or down to update more new contents. Or if you are interested in any of them, just click “tap to learn” to view the details including linked video.

Unusual Contents

If you are using Daisy Curiosity, it is easy to find out the most of the contents are strange even beyond your common knowledge. Please don’t feel depress as this is an attractive point of it to keep your curiosity towards new things. Just enjoy the moment of being crashed by the strangeness and later you will be impressed by its rich knowledge.


Quick Absorption

As I mentioned above, the design of Daily Curiosity is user-friendly as it has given thought to those people who don’t have much time to watch and devise the content as info graphics and key facts accordingly, which help to get info at a glance. So you can get new thing wherever and whenever, even when taking elevator.


Flexible to Use

For some reasons, you did not get information of yesterday, then how can you get back to it? That’s easy, you can swipe left to explore previous day’s digest. For today’s digest, just swipe up.


Allow Notification

Daily Curiosity has inspired millions of people all over the world to get smarter every day. You may ask how? Actually, besides its splendid contents and concise layout, the everyday notification is also an important factor. If you still don’t build up a habit to view on it, or just fear of forgetting to, you are entitled to set a notification.


Just like other apps, part of it functions, such as linked video, can’t work at their full capacity due to worse connection with Internet. What’s worse, Daily Curiosity does not enable readers to search a specific day so you can carry on from where you ended with before. However, I bet these won’t be the stumbling block of your impetus to learn more. For more interesting contents, please turn to

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