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3D Touch: Make Everything on iPhone Handy

I am sure that you are quite familiar with the word “3D Touch“. It’s a new technology adopted on smartphones and tablets allowing you to do different operations with a different strength on the screen. This 3D Touch technology works perfectly on iPhone 6s Plus/6s. Today, please let me introduce you several useful functions that you can take advantage of 3D Touch.

1. Enable 3D Touch and Adjust Sensitivity
To enable 3D Touch, you just need to go to “Settings” > “General” > “Accessibility” > “3D Touch” and turn on the “3D Touch” toggle.
If you think that your 3D Touch is not that sensitive, you can adjust it after you’ve turned on 3D Touch on your iPhone. You will see the 3D TOUCH SENSITIVITY option below the 3D Touch toggle. You can move it left or right to adjust the sensitivity.
2. Use Home Screen Action with 3D Touch
On iOS 9, most built-in apps support home screen actions. What is Home Screen Action? By pressing on the app icon on the home screen with different pressure, there are different options provided.

Take “Camera” for example: Press firmly on the Camera icon on the home screen. Then, in the popup option, you will see “Take Selfie“, “Record Video” and “Take Photos“.
Note: Other apps like Messages, Calendar, Photos, Maps, Videos, Wallets, Notes, Reminders, iTunes Store, App Store, News, Safari, Mail, Music, Contacts and more, support Home Screen Actions perfectly. Each of them has different options provided for you and you can try them on your own.

3. Peek and Pop
Besides the home screen action, 3D Touch also offer you simple approaches to read messages, web link and email without launching the full screen. As the interface shown below, you can

a). Press on the unread email to peek the content and let go to dismiss the peek.
b). Swipe up to get the list.
c). Tap on the quick action you want. You can choose “Reply All“, “Forward“, “Mark…“, “Notify Me” or “Move Message…“.
4. App Switcher
With 3D Touch, you can also switch between apps with ease. How?
a). Firm press on the left side of the interface.
b).Swipe right to the middle of the screen and it will bring up the app switcher, just like double-click the Home screen.
c). Swipe right to the right side of the screen and it will be switched to the previous app.
5. Bring Up Keyboard Trackpad
We all know that it is hard to selectively choose and copy some specific word on our iPhone than that on the computer with a mouse. Thankfully, with 3D Touch, we can select text easier and more accurate. Firmly press on the keyboard and move around to move the cursor. Press firmer to choose the text and that’s it.
6. Animate Live Photos
On the latest iPhone model, like iPhone 6s Plus/6s, you can use live photos. That is, even if you choose the camera mode, the camera will capture a 15 second motion, so that you won’t miss any single thing while capturing. With 3D Touch, you can view and animate the live photos anytime you like. What you need is just press on the live photos.
3D Touch has with no doubt brings us lots of convenience. Besides peeking and popping, animate live photos and execute home screen action, 3D Touch can also help us export PDF files on iPhone. If you find other useful tips and tricks about the iOS 9 3D Touch, please leave comments below and share it with other iOS users in need.

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