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3D Touch: How to Export PDF Files on iPhone

What you usually do when you found a long but awesome post and want to save it on your iPhone and read it later?
a). Save the post link to the Notes app?
The post might be deleted by the webmaster and when you visit the site, the contents are gone and it leads you to 404 page.
b). Take screenshot and read in Photo app?
The contents are saved but not convenient when you are reading.

Why not save the post as the PDF files and save it on your iPhone with 3D Touch? It’s very easy. Just follow the simple steps.
1. Open Safari on your iPhone and visit the post you want.
2. Tap on “Share” icon on the top-right corner and choose “Print“.
3. After that, you can preview and tap on the page lightly and 3D Touch will bring up a preview interface. After previewing, press deeper to open the PDF file in full screen mode. After that, tap on the “Share” icon again and slide left or right to find the app you want to export the PDF to.

With these steps, you can not only save page as PDF file on your iPhone, but also share the PDF files to your friends via apps with the help of 3D Touch. 3D Touch helps you do your job anytime when you are using iPhone 6s Plus/iPhone 6s on iOS 9 and make everything handy on your iPhone.

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