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Follow TV Shows with Television Time

Ever since September, there are a load of TV shows coming back to us, including The Big Bang Theory(Season 9), Criminal Mind(Season 11), Scorpion(Season 2) and Game of Thrones(Season 6), you name it. I am a big fan of these TV shows but sometimes I missed them because of I mix up their update time. So, I have to track these TV shows from the Internet. However, there are seldom resources on the internet which will takes up time to dig into it. Thankfully, there’s a helpful TV shows tracking app called Television Time provided to help iOS users catch up with the coming up TV shows.
Television Time is a wonderful TV series tracking app for iOS which runs iOS 9 and earlier. That means no matter you use iPhone 6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/6 or iPad Pro/Air 2/mini 4, it can perfectly work with Television Time. As it supports iOS 9, the features on iOS 9 works on it as well – 3D touch, Low power mode and spotlight index.

This mighty TV shows tracker provides you with a slick and wonderful interface. You can navigate between shows and episode freewheelingly. You can explore for the TV series that you are interested in and add it to the “To Watch” list. If you found a new TV series and want to know what it is about, you can tap into it and see the detail information of the show.
All right, let’s stop here, I am going to track The Big Bang Theory with my iPad now to see whether Sheldon and Amy has made up in the end. See you, hope that this app satisfies you as well.

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