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How to Hide Default Apps for Apple iOS 9

We all know that we can’t uninstall pre-install default apps on our Apple device without jailbreaking iPhone/iPad. However, it will become obstacle when we want to find the app we want from the list. Is there any way to hide application on Apple iPhone/iPad? Of course you can.

How to Hide Default iPhone/iPad Apps
Step 1. Create a new folder.
Step 2. Move all the default apps that you want to hide in this folder.
Step 3. We all know that there are three pages in each folder. Press on the app icon firmly till it starts wiggling.
Step 4. Just move the app icon to the edge of the interface till it goes to the last page of the folder.
Step 5. Don’t let go your finger and press on the “Home” button at the same time.
Now, the app will be disappeared from the app list. Just repeat the same steps to move all the default iOS apps you want to hide. However, this doesn’t means that the app will be gone forever, anytime when you restart your iPhone or iPad, it will come back and you have to do these steps again.

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