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Instapaper: Save Webpage for Later Reading on iPad

People today use more and more apps to make their online life easier. For example, some anti-virus apps to keep our iPad from being attacked; some data manage apps to manage our files and optimize our iPad… And of course some apps like Instapaper to read the web page.

What is Instapaper
Instapaper is a service founded by Marco Arment aims at bringing iPad users a better reading experience. It can save the web page for later reading. It’s now supports Android, iOS, computer, e-reader and more. When you found a nice article but have no time to read it right now, you can save it on Instapaper and read it later. In recent days, Instapaper has announced a big update and provide more powerful functions for iPad users. Let’s see what’s new in Instapaper 7 in the next part.

What’s New in Instapaper
In the Instapaper 7 update recently, Instapaper has brought us with several useful new functions:

1. Image thumbnails shows in article row. In the previous version of Instapaper, it only saves text for iPad users. Now, in the latest update, it allows you to save the thumbnails. You can also disable this function in Settings as you wish.
2. Multitasking supported. It also supports multitasking for iPad that runs iOS 9 and supports redesigned iPad grid and row cells.
3. New font available. Customize the fonts and font sizes that are comfortable to you.
4. Text-to-speech. There’s also a text-to-speech function for you. You can download the plugin and it will read the texts for you as if you are listening to an audiobook.

5. Picture-in-picture video. On iPad Pro or other iPad that runs iOS 9, you can check the Instapaper while watching YouTube and Vimeo videos.

It’s handy, isn’t it? Why not download Instapaper on your iPad and save the webpage you want and read it later when you have time.

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