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Mastering iOS 9: QuickType Keyboard and Shortcut Bar

In iOS 9, Apple provides iPad users many conveniences such as the new shortcut bar and multi-touch gesture. Let’s see what we can do with iOS 9 new keyboard features.

Shortcut Bar
A few shortcuts including cut, copy and paste are added to the new iOS 9 QuickType keyboard. What’s more, in different apps, the shortcut bar will be a little bit different.

For example, in Notes app, you can change font, add reminder, sketch, and photos into the Notes.


While in Safari, you will see two icons on the top-right corner of the keyboard. These two icons allow you to skip to the top of the webpage or to the bottom of the webpage.
If you think that to select words on your iPad is not that handy for you, the Multi-Touch on iOS 9 can help you a lot. It’s like a touchpad that you just need to touch the iPad screen with two fingers and then swipe your fingers and move the cursor to select those you want.
That’s the three simple tips and tricks for iPhone/iPad users whose iDevices are running iOS 9. If you found more new features of the iOS 9, please leave messages below to share with us.

  • midia

    Two finger tap once to select the word nearest the cursor.
    Two finger tap twice to select the whole line.
    Tap hold the keyboard button to split keyboard. Alternatively, tap the keyboard with thumbs and spread outwards.
    Tap hold the keyboard button to undock and move the keyboard. Hold to undo the undock and merge.

    • RecoveryiPad

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