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Download iOS Apps Later with Lookmark

Case 1:
“I found some useful apps for iPhone from Apple Store when I am using my computer. It’s a little complex to download it on my computer and sync it to my iPhone with iTunes. Can anyone help?”
Case 2:
“I have no free Wi-Fi connection around me now and have to use my iPhone data usage to surf the internet. It will take up lots of data usage when I want to download the apps from iPhone Apple Store without Wi-Fi connection.”
Case 3:
“There has no space left for one more app. But I am wondering is there any way that I can mark down the apps for later download.”

Are you suffering from one of these cases? Lookmark is ready for help. It is a useful app allows you to save the iPhone apps in the download list so that you can download it later. This is extraordinary especially if you are an app zealot who has lots of apps to download. Now let’s see how to use Lookmark with iPhone to simplify your life:

Part 1: Save iPhone Apps from Chrome to iPhone with Lookmark
Part 2: Save Apps on iPhone for Later Download with Lookmark

Part 1: Save iPhone Apps from Chrome to iPhone with Lookmark

If you are suffering from case 1 (Find some apps for your iPhone and don’t want to download it on your computer and sync to iPhone with iTunes), you can download Lookmark Chrome Extension on your computer and follow these steps:
Step 1. Visit the site which has the apps you want included.
Step 2. Click on Lookmark icon on the tool bar on your Chrome.
Step 3. In the drop-down list, you will see all the apps that are found in this page. You just need to turn on the toggle next to the apps you want and they will be sent to your iPhone.


Step 4. Then, you will get a notification in the notification center of your iPhone. You can slide to jump to the Apple Store and install the apps.


Part 2: Save Apps on iPhone for Later Download with Lookmark

If you can’t connect to Wi-Fi connection and have no extra storage space for the apps as we’ve mentioned in case 2 and case 3, you can also save the apps to Lookmark on your iPhone for later download.
Step 1. Find the apps you want on your iPhone from Apple Store.
Step 2. Tap on the Share icon at the top to bring up the option menu.
Step 3. Choose “Lookmark” icon and you will get a notification in the notification center.
Step 4. When you connect your iPhone to the Wi-Fi connection or free up your space, you can slide on the notification and install the apps in your Apple Store.


It’s very useful to use Lookmark, isn’t it? Why not try it by yourself and see if there’s other shining point of this app.

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