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iOS Health App: How to Manage Health Data from Multiple Sources

We all know that more and more devices, apps and Bluetooth devices support recording your health data. These records will all be sent to your iPhone. However, when different apps or devices try to import the same health record to your iPhone, things will be in a mess. What we can do is to customize the priority of the multiple sources to send health data. In the steps below, I will show you how to choose the prior source to send the Steps record to your iPhone.

How to Manage Health Data from Multiple Sources

Step 1. Find “Share Data” on Your iPhone
Open “Health” on your iPhone and tap on “Health Data” from the bottom. Choose “Fitness” > “Steps” > “Share Data
Step 2. Customize Priority of Data Sources
As you can see in the interface below, there are several data sources listed, including iPhone and Apple Watch. Tap on “Edit” on the top-right corner and you will see the second screenshot below. You can hold the button on the right side of the data source and drag up or down. The data source shown on the top will be prior to sending data to Health. If you want to stop the source from sending records to Health, you just need to uncheck it by taping on the red tick icon on the left. After that, just tap “Done” on the top-right corner.
As you can see, it is very simple to manage multiple sources on Health app. Why not leave comments below to share with us your best record of the daily steps on your Health app?

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