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iOS Health App: How to Set Up Your Medical ID

As we’ve mentioned in the previous article – What can we do with iOS Health App, Medical ID is very helpful especially in emergent situation so that your health info like blood type, allergies & reaction and more will be known by the doctor. In this article, we will show you how to set up Medical ID.

Part 1. Steps to Set Up Medical ID
Part 2. Check Medical Info Without Unlocking iPhone

Part 1. Steps to Set Up Medical ID

Open the iOS health app – Health. Then, in the main interface, you will see four options there at the bottom of the interface. Choose the fourth one, “Medical ID“. Then, tap on “Create Medical ID” and then, you can add your birthday, medical conditions, notes, blood type, weight, height, allergies & reactions.

Now, your Medical ID is already set up. If you want to have the Medical ID info shows without entering the unlock passcode, you should turn on the toggle as the second screenshot above shows – Turn on “Show When Locked“.


Part 2. Check Medical Info Without Unlocking iPhone

To check the medical info without unlocking your iPhone, you should make sure that the “Shown When Locked” toggle is turned on as we’ve mentioned in the first step. Then, in the passcode screen, tap on “Emergency” > “Medical ID” and all the medical info you’ve just added will be shown as below.


That’s it. This will somewhat save people’s life, isn’t it? This critical info will allows the doctors to know what’s your blood type and allergies and can do quick response to ill if you are suffering from a traffic accident or other unexpected illness.

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