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Mac OS X Newbie Tips: How to Check Wi-Fi Passwords on Mac

People today have more and more passwords to keep in mind: Sign-in password for Mac, bank account, Wi-Fi password, and more. Though we can use iCloud Keychain to help us manage and check passwords, it comes easier for us to check Wi-Fi password on Mac terminal. This is especially helpful when you forget the Wi-Fi password.

Simple Steps to Check Wi-Fi Password on Mac

Step 1. Open Terminal on Mac
Go to “Utilities” in Applications and open the terminal app. Then, make sure that you have Administrator user name, Mac password and Wi-Fi name with you.

Step 2. Copy and Paste the Demand into Terminal App
Then, copy the demand below into the terminal app. Replace “WIFINAME” with the Wi-Fi name which you want to have the password back.

            security find-generic-password -ga “WiFiNAME” | grep “password:”

For example, if your Wi-Fi name is “xxx” and the demand you should paste into the terminal app should be like this.

           security find-generic-password -ga “xxx” | grep “password:”

Step 3. Enter Your Account and Password
After that, tap “Enter” on your keyboard and you will be asked to enter your iCloud Keychain account and passwords because this operation will ask for permission to read information in your iCloud keychain. After entering the account and password, your password will be shown as the following interface.
There’s one thing that we should emphasize: This can only help get password that you have ever connected to with your Mac. For those new Wi-Fi connections that you have never connect with your Mac, it can’t be recovered.

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