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Mac OS X Newbie Tips: How to Set Auto Shut Down on Mac

Most of us are somewhat a procrastinator, which means we put off things again and again till the deadline approaches. So, it’s useful to set auto shut down for our Mac so that we won’t spend too much time on surfing the Internet. Today, we will show you the simple steps to set up auto-shutdown of your Macbook Air/Pro, iMac running Mac OS X El Capitan.

Steps for Auto Shutdown Setup

Step 1. Go to “System Preferences“. You will find the icon at the bottom of the screen which looks like a “Settings” icon on your iPhone.

Step 2. Choose “Energy Saver” icon. As you can see in the screenshot below, just click on the bulb-like icon listed on the second line.
Step 3. Choose “Schedule…” in the popup under “Power Adapter” list.
Step 4. Then, there will pop up a small window as shown below. Tick the box next to “Sleep” and then choose “Shut Down” in the dropdown list. Then, choose the shut down frequency and the shut down time as you wish. After that, just click “OK” to end the setup.
It’s very easy to set auto shutdown on your Mac, isn’t it? There’s no need to worry about the shut down issue when you have to go out to deal with something urgently while you are downloading large files. You can roughly estimate the time the download will be finished and set auto shutdown so that your Mac will be automatically turned off after that.

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