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Mac OS X Newbie Tips: How to Page Up & Page Down on Keyboard

If you are someone who use computer a lot for work or in daily life, you will find that keyboard shortcuts help a lot to finish your job with high efficiency. Page Up and Page Down are two useful keys that frequently used that help you scroll up and down in the webpage. You will find that on Mac computer, you can’t find the “Page Up” or “Page Down” button on your Mac keyboards as you can on Windows PC. What to do to scroll up/down to browse the page with ease? Today, I’d love to share you two useful keys on your Mac keyboards – Page Up and Page Down.


Page Up = Fn + Arrow Up

Find “Fn” at the lower-left and tap on Arrow Up simultaneously to scroll up to the previous screen.

Page Down = Fn + Arrow Down

To execute page down with your keyboard on Mac, you just need to tap on “Fn” and Arrow Down at the same time and you will be directed to the bottom of the screen.

Browser: Spacebar = Page Down

Keep the cursor away from the active text box and tap on Spacebar to jump to the bottom of the page. This works not only on Safari, but also on Chrome and Firefox.

There are many other different keyboard shortcuts for us to improve our working efficiency. So, please kindly share the keyboard shortcuts you know at the comment box below to share them with other Mac users.

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