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Mastering iOS 9: Add and Save Mail Attachments

In the previous version of iOS device, you are only allowed to add photos and videos in the Mail app rather than enclose them as an attachment. However, in iOS 9, things change. You can add photos and videos as email attachment now. Now I will show you how to add photos or videos as an attachment when sending an email on iPad (iOS 9).

Steps to Add Attachment on iPad Pro

Step 1. Launch Mail App on iPad
In the home page of iPad, you will see the Mail icon, click to open it. Then, tap on the pen and paper icon on the top right corner which means adding new email.

Step 2. Enter the Content in Mail and Add Attachments
Then, enter the email addresses of the recipients, the subjects and the content. After that, long press on your iPad and you will see the pop up windows, including “Select“, “Select All“, “Paste“, “Quote Level“, “Insert Photo or Video” and “Add Attachment“.
Then, tap on “Add Attachment” and you will be led to iCloud Drive. Choose any pictures or videos that you want to enclose to the email.
Note: iPad Mail only allows you to add attachments from iCloud Drive. So you have to move the photos and videos that you want to iCloud Drive beforehand.

Step 3. Send Emails Together with the Attachment on iPad
After that, as you can see in the below interface, the photo you just chose has been attached to the email. Now you can tap on “Send” to send the email on your iPad with the photos attached.
That’s it. To enclose photos and videos as attachments in iOS 9 Mail is as simple as a piece of cake. If you want to know more about your other iOS 9 tips and tricks, please feel free to leave messages below to let us know.

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