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Mastering iOS 9: Enable iCloud Drive App

If you’ve read news about iOS 9 new features or if you’ve updated your iDevice to the latest operating system, I am sure that you’ve noticed that iCloud Drive can be added to the home screen on iPad/iPhone as an app. Now I will show you how to enable the iCloud Drive app on your iPad.

Step 1. Find the iCloud Drive Toggle
Go to “Settings” > “iCloud” > “iCloud Drive“. Tap it to enter the next screen.
Step 2. Turn on iCloud Drive Toggle
In this step, you will be asked to tap on “iCloud Drive” to turn on the toggle.
Step 3. Enable “Show on Home Screen”
And then there will pop up more options in the interface as shown below. Just tap on “Show on Home Screen” to show the iCloud Drive app on your Home Screen.
Step 4. Check iCloud Drive App on iPad
Now you can go to the home screen of your iPad and you will see that iCloud Drive app are added. Now, it becomes easier for you to access iCloud Drive.
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