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Mastering iOS 9: Multi-tasking

In iOS 9, there are several new designs that bring more convenience to iOS device users, especially iPad users which use iPad Pro, iPad Air 2/Air, iPad mini 4/3. Let me introduce you the new multi-tasking features of iOS 9 for you with several examples – Slide Over, Split View and Picture-in-Picture.

a). Slide Over

Side Over allows you to open a new app without minimizing the previous app. When you slide left from the right side of the screen you will see that there are several apps provided in the optional menu on the side bar.

For example, if you are using Twitter and want to browse the Internet, you just need to:
1. Swipe left from the right side of the interface. Then there will pop up a side bar providing several apps for choice.
2. Browse and choose “Safari” on the right side bar. The interface will be divided into 7:3, and you can browse Internet without closing or minimizing the previous app.


Note: Slide Over only supports few pre-installed apps from now on, such as Safari, Photos, Maps, Messages, Calendar and more.

b). Split View

With Split View, you can check two apps on the same screen at the same time. This function is useful in our daily life. To execute Split View, you just need to:
1. Operate the steps to use Slide Over – Swipe left from the right side bar and choose the app you want.
2. Tap on the boundary between two apps and drag it to the middle of the screen.
After that, Split View is activated and you can operate the two apps at the same time in the same screen.


Note: Messages are only available on Slide Over, not Split View because the interface of the Messages can’t be enlarged to 50%.  Besides, it’s only work on iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4.

c). Picture-in-Picture

The Picture-in-Picture feature allows you to use other app while watching videos on your iPad. With Picture-in-Picture, you can browse the webpage and enlarge/play/pause/close the videos at the same time as you wish. You just need two simple steps:
1. Open the video player on your iPad which runs iOS 9.
2. Press the “Home” button and it will pop to the home page with the video still playing in a smaller screen or tap on the popup button on the lower-right corner.


Note: You can move the videos to anywhere you want by just holding on the video screen and drag it. You are allowed to pinch it in and out to resize the screen of the playing videos. One more thing you should know is that videos that captured by your iPad doesn’t supports Picture-in-Picture.

The multi-tasking features on iPad bring you lots of convenience as you can see for iOS 9 devices, you can try upgrading your iOS 8 to iOS 9 and trying it on your own.

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