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Mastering iOS 9: Pinch to Zoom Video Feature

We are accustomed to pinch to zoom in the photos when we want to see the detail. So, it is very often that we do the same thing when we are watching to the videos we captured with our iPad. In iOS 8, when you execute the pinch motion, the system will bring you back to Camera Roll list. Thankfully, in iOS 9, Apple has some update on the Playback Zoom, which allows you to zoom in/out the videos you captured with iPad by pinching on the screen. Now I will show you how to pinch to zoom video on iPad. Steps to Zoom Videos on iPad Step 1. Go to the Photos app on your iPad Go to the Photos app on your iPad and find the videos you captured with your iPad. Tap on it to play it. find-the-videos-on-ios9 Step 2. Pinch to Zoom in the Videos Play the videos and when it comes to the picture you want to zoom in to see the detail of it, just put two of your fingers on the screen and move them to the opposite direction. view-videos-on-ios9 Step 3. Videos Are Zoomed in After that, as the below screenshot shows, the words in the home page of Recovery-iPad has been magnified and you can now read each word on it. video-on-ios9-zoomed That’s very simple to pinch to zoom in videos captured with iPad, isn’t it? You can now try this simple trick on your iPad Pro or other iOS devices that launch iOS 9. If you have other tricks to share with other iOS users, you will be welcomed to leave comments below to share your point of view with others.

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