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Momento: Best App for Personal Journals

Momento Classic has a clean, classic and terse interface. It is a personal journals app for iPhone, iPad users to mark down their precious life. Now, let’s see why Memento is so welcomed:

Add and Rate Journal on Momento

As most journals apps do, you can type and add your personal journals in Momento. Then, the diary will be listed in timeline. Besides, you can also rate your own journals by choosing stars in the interface. After that, just tap “Save” to finish adding.  momento-add-journal

Add Data from Feeds

One special feature of Momento is that it allows you to add new feeds such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Swam, moves and Uber trip history to your Momento so that this journal app can get information from these and integrate data.

Add Photos and Locations in Momento

Besides, you can also choose photos from your iPhone Photo Library or share your location in the journal to make the diary more impressive.
As we can see, Momento is quite easy for us to use and we can write down even travel journal with our iPhone without carrying the notebooks and pens with you. Please feel free to leave comments below to show what you think of this journal app for iPhone – Momento.

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