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MooVee App: Discover &Track Movies

Suppose you are a moviegoer, you may want an app that keeps you informed about the premiere of your favorite upcoming movies, and at the same time helps with arranging you movies checklists. MooVee is the app for you.

Part 1: Stunning Features
Part 2: What Can You Do With MooVee

Part 1: Stunning Features

1. Kick-ass User Interface
MooVee features watchlist in the main menu bringing a set of movies by listing them out with info graphics.

On the watchlist view, you can tap a movie to see more information about each film, you can also swipe it to pop up a bunch of other useful controls, such as the options to mark it as watched, add it to your favorites or just delete it if you don’t like. A shuffle button at the top of the screen picks a random movie from the hot-trend list for those times when you’re just not sure what to watch.


2. New Experience to Movie Introduction
When you tap on a movie’s page, you will find that it contains four tabs on the bottom : “description“, “cast“, “gallery” providing some stills and marketing images for each film, and “related” giving you some solid recommendations for similar titles. What’s more, there is also a trailer, budget and revenue figures, writer and director credits, viewer ratings and the option to rate it yourself.


3. Huge Movies Database
Whatever your taste is, you can always find what you want in MooVee, thanks to its powerful database.

4. Ability to Rate Movies (Daily Updated)
MooVee not only presents viewer ratings but also allows you to rate the movies yourself and the rating will save on you lists.

5. iCloud Syncing & Integration with iTunes
These two functions helps you sync your favorite movies to iCloud and collect movies from integrated iTunes search.

6. Localized into 14 Languages
MooVee supports English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, and Traditional & Simplified Chinese.

Part 2: What Can You Do With MooVee

After know the stunning functions MooVee has, what can you do with it? Let’s figure it out.

1. Manage
As mentioned above the most important functions lie in the Watchlist. Swipe it down and you can see three tabs: “To Watch“, “Watched” and “Favorite” with which you can manage your movies lists.
To Watch: For the sake of not missing any wanted movies, you can collect all the movies you haven’t seen yet in this column.
Watched: This is like a movie warehouse which stores all the movies you have seen and marked.
Favorite: This is favorite part of movies collector which allows you to add your favorite and it will lead you to an endless aftertastes.

2. Discover
MooVee enables you to find wanted movies by two thoughtful functions: “Browse” and “Discover” on the upper left of the main interface.
Browse” acts like a movie store where you can retrieve and discover movies according to specific classification across the whole watchlist.
Discover” function works with “Favorite” mentioned above. That’s to say, according to the movies you added in “Favorite“, MooVee will analyze them and predict your taste so as to customize you a recommendation.
Tapping on the gift icon on the upper right corner on “Discover” page will access to “Surprise“. Here MooVee will randomly present you a cited text description from any movies you might like. If you are interested in it, tap to view more details and add it to your watchlist. For those times that you don’t want what to see, this will be good choice.


3. Track
Now you may wonder where to find the “Track” icon? Well, that’s easy. Go to “Setting” > “Allow Notification” to open notification function. So that you don’t need to worry about missing wanted upcoming movies as MooVee will try to look up for release in your country and shows you days to the premiere.  You can pick a time early in the day to get your reminder so that you’ve got time to plan and buy your tickets.

4. Watch
Yes, MooVee enables you to watch movies you’re interested in. It gave full thought to the frustration resulting from being failed to watch movies of other movie tracking apps and specially endow this new experience to the latest updated version.

MooVee is overall a great movie tracking software apart from sometimes being slow resulting from wonky database. Why not giving it a try if you’re still look for one? If you are using iOS 8.0 or later, you can get it at App Store for $1.99.

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