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Musixmatch: Best Companion for Apple Music

Musixmatch is not only a music player, but also an outstanding lyrics finder for not only iOS, but also Android and computer users. Today, I’d love to share with you what I get to know after using Musixmatch on my iPhone. It is the best companion for Apple music and brings us lots of convenience. Now, I will show you several outstanding features of Musixmatch.

1. Enjoy Music on iPhone

The common feature for a music player is that you can explore new songs from its database or check them according to album, artist and genre. Besides, you can also download, enjoy, like and share the songs with your friends on your iPhone.

2. Get Lyrics in Notification Center

Apart from listening to the music, you can also download the matching lyrics for your Apple music and have the lyrics shown on the notification center.
Slide from the top of the screen to get the drop-down list. Tap “Today” and then “Edit“. Now, you can find the “Musixmatch” among the listed apps under “DO NOT INCLUDE“. Tap on the green “+” next to Musixmatch and you it will be shown in the notification center.
Now, you can check the lyrics of the songs with a simply drop down even if you are using other apps on your iPhone.


3. Identify Songs and Lyrics

Most music player today has the feature of identifying songs and lyrics of the playing songs. On Musixmatch, you will find the new MusicID feature, which allows you to identify songs playing on your iPhone or around you. If you hear some wonderful songs from a coffee shop, you can use MusicID to identify the songs or the lyrics and choose to download it on your iPhone.


4. Sing Along with Microphone on iPhone

Musixmatch also allows you to sing along with a microphone. You just need to set up mic with your iPhone and connect the microphone device with your iPhone:
Step 1. Open MusiXmatch on your iPhone and tap “OK” to allow it to access the microphone.
Step 2. Go to “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Microphone” and turn on the “musiXmatch” toggle.
After that, just keep on with the setup steps as this Musixmatch guide shows and you can sing along the songs on your iPhone with a microphone.
It’s really awesome, isn’t it? To unveil more features of Musixmatch for your iPhone, you can download the app and try it on your own.

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