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Ten New Functions with iOS 10 Should Be Known

Apple held its 27th annual Worldwide Developers Conference in Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco in the morning of June 14. iOS 10, as one of the updates in WWDC is the focus of the conference. It pays much attention to enhance user’s experience and is considered to be the most significant upgrade.

New Interface Function Design

The new lock screen makes all messages at a glance by new notification display and gestures function. It enhances the interaction greatly. You can preview and reply to messages or clear all notifications by using 3D Touch directly on iOS 10. Moreover, iOS 10 allows entering the camera interface faster and has a clearer and more intuitive interface.

New Design iOS 10


Raising hand to wake up the screen is supported by iPhone now. The lock screen will light up and display the message or related content directly even without touching any buttons and manual operation when you lift iPhone.

A new design has been applied to the notification center, control center interface and the desktop. It will be more convenient for many operations to use 3D Touch to preview more information on app icons, even video.


The new upgraded Siri can search more content, such as images and applications search. It can also view the date, open the app and send a short message. Apple announced that Siri SDK would be opened. The function of voice interaction and artificial intelligence will be achieved on Siri soon.

New Siri iOS 10

Another increased feature of Siri on iOS 10 is iCloud Voicemail. It can convert the content of voicemail into word, allowing users to browse and read quickly .

Quick type

The update of quick type focuses on the convenience brought by the artificial intelligence of the new upgraded Siri. Basically, Siri will help users prevent from manually entering problems .

Photos app

Photos app on iOS 10 has a more powerful management capabilities. It supports the “identification and classification” function, and it can recognize faces, objects and scenes.

Using iCloud Photo Library can easily do some classification according to location, time, tasks, topics and so on. Each user can easily create smart and more satisfying albums, and these new features will also be supported on the Mac photos.

Maps app

Apple’s own map application has been greatly improved in iOS 10. It is simpler, more intuitive and more user-friendly after re-design. The navigation interface, route information and traffic information is different from the past.

Maps APP iOS 10

Apple Maps will also open SDK to developers. And it supports Carplay now.

Apple Music

The new apple music interface is more simple, beautiful and intuitive, and it highlights black and white background and text.

Apple Music iOS 10

In addition, Apple music can be sorted by artist album, etc., and it also supports lyric’s display and loading automatically. Radio broadcasting services have been improved. Users can find the radio that they want to listen to more easily, and Apple says there will be more anchor.

Apple News

Apple News will have a new designed interface and more channels. Recommended functions will become more powerful and intelligent, its recommendation is based on users’ reading habits. The most needed news and information will be pushed to every user.


Homekit will appear with an independent application form on iOS 10, and it is named Home. It has the ability to manage and control all devices that are compatible with Homekit. Home application contains a very comprehensive option of appliance control panel. It supports 3D Touch and Siri control. iPad and Apple Watch will provide Home application.

HomeKit iOS 10

Apple said that users can control all the smart home appliances including door locks, fans, lights, door and the car door through Homekit.


Phone app supports the display of garbage telephone, VoIP, the display of voicemail to text and so on. Seen from the site map, the contact interface has a new design.


iMessage supports the new chat bubble display, you can select up to five different manifestations. It supports graffiti handwriting and sending hyperlinks, and it even supports previewing the videos or pictures behind link. Videos can be displayed directly in the iMessage and more rich interesting animated facial expressions are added to iMessage. Expression’s size can be enlarged three times.

iMessage iOS 10

iMessage is able to exchange word to expression, and it can share music directly. It also have a “Wallet” function, you can pay bills and receive dollar envelopes. Due to the wallet function, it can also order and buy things.

Apple said that iMessage has been open API interface to developers.The developer will be able to open a rich set of features, but it will have more extended expression package and the above characteristics,which makes communication more interesting.

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