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OS X El Capitan: How to Look Up Links with Trackpad Gesture

Trackpad gesture is one outstanding feature of Mac OS. you can use the trackpad to operate your Mac more easily. In Safari app of Mac OS X El Capitan, you can have a quick look-up for the links after setting up trackpad gesture on your Mac. In the following paragraph, we will show you how to look up links with Trackpad Gesture.

Steps to Look Up Website Link with Trackpad Gesture

Step 1. Set up Trackpad
Go to “Preference” > “Trackpad” > “Point & Click” and make sure that “Look up” is enabled.

Step 2. Look Up Website Link on Mac
Click and stop your cursor on the link you would like to look up and tap on the trackpad with three fingers. After that, you will find that the loaded page pops up. You can also scroll up and down as you do in Safari screen.
Now, you can look up the website page with ease on your Mac OS X El Capitan. If you want to look up the page in standard size, you just need to click in the look up screen. You can also add the page to your reading list after setting up it by clicking read later option on the upper right corner of the look up window.

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