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How to Protect Your iPhone from Theft

iPhone has always been the hottest gadget for thieves and that is why iPhone is always at risk of being stolen or mugged. So security measures should be taken to prevent theft, or to help you reclaim your iPhone in case it was lost or stolen. One needs to make good use of the relevant services and turn on passcode lock. With the help of operators and police, iPhone’s feature code can be used to get its location which greatly increases chances of getting your phone back. All iPhone users must follow the settings mentioned so as to build a theft-proof iPhone! Apple introduced iOS 7 device on September, 2013, which contains many new functions including Activation Lock. Activation Lock will tie your iPhone with your Apple ID for good and your password will be required before anyone can turn off the device.
Step 1. How to turn on Activation Lock
1. Activation Lock is up-graded on Find My iPhone feature which only allows owners to locate their device yet others still can use it. However, with Activation Lock, you can turn on this setting on iCloud when you iPhone is lost and the theft cannot disable it without entering the Apple ID and password.
2. First, check your iPhone, go into Settings>General> About, and make sure that your device is the most up-to-date iOS 7 device.

about iphone
3. Turn on the location Services. Go into Settings>Privacy> Location Services, then scroll down to Find My iPhone, and set it to on.

find my iphone
4. Open iCloud. It is similar to an online storage system and once you phone is on, all the information on your phone is synched with iCloud. Go to Settings>iCloud, then sign in with your Apple password.
5. Go back to iCloud, scroll down to Find My iPhone, and turn on Find my iPhone. Then Activation Lock will be enabled. Now, let’s talk about how to use Activation Lock.
icloud find my iphone
Step 2. How to use Activation Lock

icloud website
1. When you lost your iPhone, you should sign in iCloud by entering Apple ID and password as soon as possible and select Find My iPhone.
2. Then, iCloud will locate you phone according to its location device. Select Lost Mode.


3. If your iPhone has no setting of the lock screen, you will be required to set your password once you select Lost Mode.
4. Then you can enter your backup phone number for contact.
5. Sent message to your lost iPhone, select Done.
6. When you finish the above steps, you can see your iPhone is on Lost Mode on iCloud.
7. Meanwhile, your lost device will receive your message.
8. The theft needs to enter Apple ID and password before he could unlock and disable the device.
9. If the theft wants to restore the device by putting it in DFU, no matter it is restored or de-graded, he will be prompted to enter the Apple ID and password to reactivate after the set up process otherwise he can use the device.
10. Only the firstly used Apple ID can be available for iPhone, while other Apple IDs cannot be used in the same device.
Step 3. Notes
1. You should check on the Activation Lock feature carefully and make sure the seller has turned it off when buying the second hand iPhone.
2. iPhone needs to turn on its Location service.
3. It is necessary to turn on iCloud.

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