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ReBoard: Best Keyboard for Multitasking

ReBoard is a third-party input application for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that running iOS 8.1 and the later. It is an innovative system-wide keyboard that enables you to do more than one task within the keyboard. So you don’t need to exit the app you are using and switch to another to perform your multi-tasks.


Distinguished Features of ReBoard

1. Multitasking within the keyboard
The multitasking feature can be triggered by hitting a dedicated Command (⌘) key. Then, you will see a panel with scrollable icons representing available actions. Tap an icon and whatever you typed after the Command symbol gets passed to that action.
So you are talking about Steve jobs with your friends via iMessage. Now, you just need to tap ReBoard’s Command key in iMessage, type in “Steve jobs“. There are many icons you can tap to view photos of Steve jobs, search him on Wikipedia or Google.
2. Quick Type(Cursor Control)
Quick Type is an exclusive function for iPad that running iOS 9. Just drag your fingers across the space key so as to control the cursor. But now, even without updating to the latest iOS version, iPhone users can also enjoy this special function via Reboard.
3. Predictive Emoji
Vivid Emoji sometimes help us improve conversation going more smoothly and pleasantly. You are happy to use it but may be frustrated to search and download those you favor. The predictive Emoji function on ReBoard is your best bet. By analyzing your typed text style, Reboard will predict which Emoji you need.
4. Share via Keyboard
Another shining feature of the ReBoard keyboard is that it empowers users to share files via links easily. You can share links from the Dropbox app, images from the web as well as photos saved in the Camera Roll in your iOS device. You can also view maps and search for local places and share them with your friends. That’s how ReBoard integrates with other apps on your iPhone/iPad.

5. Suggestion Variations
For users that are not good at spelling, this is very helpful. Your just need to double-tap a dotted suggested word to show its variants. For example, double-click “invite” to view inviting, invited and invitation as its variations.

ReBoard is one of a productive keyboard which paced with useful tools to help you save much time while typing. Do you think this app is great? Leave your comments below.

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