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Remote Mouse: Turn Your Phone into a Computer Mouse

Even it sounds like a rare event, but have you ever been vexed that your computer mouse suddenly break down or just runs out of battery if you’re using the wireless one? In case of need, it’s advisable to have a backup solution. Remote Mouse offers you the privilege.

Remote Mouse is a mobile application that turns your phone into a wireless and user-friendly remote control for your computer or Mac. Perfectly simulated mouse, keyboard and touchpad and featured remote panels make you just like working with real mouse and keyboard, or even better.
Now let’s learn how to make it works.

Part 1. How to Get Started
Part 2. Distinguished Functions

Part 1. How to Get Started

1. To enable Remote Mouse works at its full capacity, you should firstly download and install its companion servicer application on your computer or Mac.

2. Download and install Remote Mouse on your phone.
Note: By now, Remote Mouse is available for iPhone/iPod, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone. And don’t forget to download companion Remote Mouse Server application to your computer or Mac.

3. Open Remote on your phone and enter the IP address of your computer. That’s to say you have to make sure that your phone and computer are under the same Wi-Fi network.

Part 2. Distinguished Functions

1. Perfect combination of Simulated Mouse, Keyboard and Touchpad
To remove the uncomfortable feeling of fresh user, Remote Mouse offers a similar operation with Mac’s multi-touchpad where one-finger tap stands for left click and two-fingers tap acts as right click and you can drag with your two finger to scroll the screen. On top of that, Remote Mouse also features wireless trackpad, both portrait and landscape mode, and keyboard which supports key combos.`


2. Multifunctional Remote Panels
Remote Mouse offers different panels to conduct different functions and control your computer applications. For example, featured Media Remote Panel makes you conveniently control iTunes, Keynote, Windows Media Player and PowerPoint. Application Remote Panel allows you easily launch and switch among computer programs. And with Power Option Panel you can shut down, sleep, restart or log off your computer remotely. Even if you’re curling up yourself in your bed you can comfortably listen to music, watch videos with multifunctional remote panel provided by Remote Mouse. More remote panels are available via in-app purchase.


3. Images Transfer ( iOS only)
If you’re using iPhone, then you can directly preview and utilize images in your computer without consuming any mobile flow. What’s more, only a few seconds, and you can transfer your photos from your phone to computer. You can also share and back up your favorite images.


4. Swaying Mode and Voice Input
There are some other thoughtful functions available in Remote Mouse. Such as, Swaying Mode lets you control your Mac’s cursor by moving and tilting your phone. And Voice Input frees you from typing, making recording and sharing much quicker and easier.


As a backup computer mouse, Remote Mouse is really up to grade for its powerful functions. However, when you are using Remote Mouse to replace computer mouse, you have to pay attention to the essential point. That’s it is restricted with Wi-Fi network and may sometimes cause some delay especially under complicated intranet environment of enterprises.

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