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Swipes: A To-Do List & Task Manager

Are you getting frustrated to spend lots of time and effort in organizing the everyday to-do lists in your notes, or email? Swipes is an app that collects automatically all your tasks from your email, notes and Calendar according to personal priorities, so that you can conduct each task to reach better focus. You will soon find yourself spending less time managing tasks and more time conducting them.

Part 1: Distinguished Interactive Interface
Part 2: Outstanding Features
Part 3: How to Use It

Part 1: Distinguished Interactive Interface

As you can tell from its name, Swipes apply interactive interface consisting of three tabs on its right side: Scheduled tasks, Current focus tasks, completed tasks. You can swipe back and forth among these three menus. Every new task you create goes to current focus tasks automatically. You can manage it according to its priority. Leave it there if it is a priority, or swipe it to the left for the future planning. And when it is completed, move it to the right so that you always know what’s next to do.

Part 2: Outstanding Features

1. Sync with Evernote and Gmail
One the most attractive advantages of Swipes is that it collects all your tasks into one place to better organize and work on them. By now, it can sync with Evernote and Gmail. You can move any of your private or business notes with checkmarks into Swipes. Besides, with Gmail integration, you can better manage your email box by moving notes into tasks to Swipes.

2. Organize Task According to Priorities
With clear classification of three steps:Scheduled tasks, current tasks, and completed tasks, you can clearly monitor the status and change of tasks. We all know that productivity is getting thing done well and quickly and the essence is to focus what is the priority. The Workplaces serves exactly for that. The function of workplaces is very simple. You may think it as a tab or filter function, click certain tab to show the relevant tasks. So say you select a tab “work” to show all tasks related across scheduled tasks, current focus tasks and completed tasks, then you can work on them with priority. By cleaning the tab you can view the rest tasks.

3. Snooze Function
You are required to set the implement time when creating tasks which prevents from being delay in certain cases. Since it is mandatory to set the time, Swipes provide built-in time setting so you don’t need to input. Besides, Swipes lets easily snooze tasks for later and you will get reminded about snoozed tasks with notifications when it’s their turn to be done.


4. Progress Bar under “Current Focus Tasks”
A little surprise here is that a built-in progress bar on the tab of “Current” can indicate the progress of your tasks completion, every time you complete a task the bar will move forward. I think this is very inspiring as you can clear see the achievement you made.

5. Multi-Language
Swipes supports English, Danish, Dutch, German, Korean, Spanish.

Part 3: How to Use It

1. Create A New Task
Click the add icon to type the task title in the pop-up windows, such as “team meeting” and press “Enter” to complete adding. Then you can find the task in the current focus tasks list, you can edit is by clicking on it for details.
The contents you can edit include time, repeat type, tags and notes. It is advisable that you select or add tags under it for convenient search as you use Workplaces function.

2. How to Sync with Evernote
Evernote integration is triggered only in mobile app including iOS products, as well as the Android app. If you are using web app, you are not able to connect with Evernote. For mobile app user, you can go to “Settings” > “Integration” to link you Evernote account as below screen shows.


Once you’d synced your notes with checkmarks to Swipes, you are allowed to manage them via web app also including all the changes in tasks: delete, add, complete, or schedule.

Are you a fan of powerful tools? Or the GTD (Getting Things Done) enthusiasts? Whoever you are, free download to have a try. Bet you enjoy it. Now there are iOS app, Andriod app and web app available.

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