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Time Machine: How to Backup Manually in Mac OS X

We all know that Time Machine can help us automatically back up our whole Mac frequently according to the period that we’ve set. But chances are, when we want to upgrade our Mac OS X, or perform some big changes, that will with no doubt a good choice to make it safer to do backup manually on your Mac with Time Machine before that.

Now, let’s go straight to the steps now:

Simple Steps of Backing up Mac OS X Data Manually

Step 1. Set Up Backups on Time Machine
The first thing you need to do is to set up backup with Time Machine on your Mac. Make sure that there’s an available disk with sufficient space connected to your Mac on Time Machine.
Step 2. Find Time Machine Icon in Menu Bar
Now, you’ve come to the step we set up manual backup. I will show you two different ways for it:
a). Find the time machine icon from the top menu of your Mac. Then, choose “Back Up Now” from the drop-down list.
b). Or you can find the Time Machine Driver icon from Desktop or from Finder. Then, right click on the icon and there will be a popup as well. Click on “Back Up Now” and that’s it.
It’s not as difficult as you think it would be, isn’t it? After reading this tutorial, I am sure that you don’t need to worry about the data losing issues any more since you can back up your Mac manually anytime you want.

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