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Time Machine: How to Delete Old Backups on Mac

If you’ve turned on auto backup in Time Machine, it is very possible that your Mac computer will be filled up with backup files after quite a long time. I believe that deleting old backups on Mac will help in this case. Let’s see how to execute the steps:

Steps to Delete Old Backups on Mac

Step 1. Connect External Drive to Mac
Connect an external drive to your Mac if there’s no one connected. Choose and click on “Use Disk“.
Step 2. Choose “Enter Time Machine”
Find the Time Machine icon from the top toolbar, click it and you will see the dropdown list. Choose “Enter Time Machine“.
Step 3. Choose Backup Files and Right-Click to Delete Backups
After entering Time Machine, you will see all the backup files listed in the screen. Just select all the backups you want to delete. After that, right click and choose “Delete” in the pop-up option.

With these three simple steps, you can easily delete the old and space-taking backups. Besides, you can also disable auto backup and replace it with manually backup of your Mac with Time Machine. But you’d better keep an eye on the frequency you backup, otherwise, that’s possible that when you lose your Mac data, some of these data can’t be recovered because they are not included in the backup file.

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