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Time Machine: How to Encrypt Backups in Mac OS X

“I use my Mac for work and there’s a long and important list of files on trade secret. I’ve backed up my Mac from time to time so there’s no need for me to worry about the data losing issue. But there’s one thing. I am somewhat a careless man and forget thing here and there. I am afraid that one day I might lost my Mac which has critical files in it. Is there any way for me to encrypt Mac backup so that no one can read the files in it without the password?”
It is very easy to encrypt backups in Mac OS X. Just follow the simple steps below:

Steps to Encrypt Backups in Mac OS X

Step 1. Select Disk on Time Machine of Mac
Find Time Machine after you enter the “System Preference” list. Then, keep the toggle of Time Machine turned on. Tap on “Select Disk…” in the interface.
Step 2. Enable “Encrypt backups”
Then, in the next screen, you will be shown all the backup disks. Choose the one you want and then tick the box next to “Encrypt backups” and click “Use Disk“.
Step 3. Create a Backup Password
If it is the first time you want to encrypt the backup files, there will be an interface, asking you to create your backup password and encrypt the disk.
Note: If you have no idea what you would like for a new password, you can click the key icon next to “Backup password“.

If you are trying to encrypt an existing backup set, the system will pop up saying that if you want to erase the backup list, it will destroy all information on the disk and can’t be undone. You can choose “Erase” or “Don’t Erase“.
After encrypting the Mac backup, you can keep your Mac backups safe from others. Anytime when you want to check your Time Machine backup, you just need to type in the password you’ve just created and here they are.

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