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Tips for iPhone Maintenance

iPhone today is quite popular in the world, but some people find that there are something wrong with their iPhone not long after they buy it. Therefore, how to keep our iPhone perform well in a long time is becoming a hot topic. Here, some tips for iPhone maintenance are presented.

Tips 1: Using a case
Using a case for your iPhone can reduce the shell friction of your iPhone and it can protect your phone from being damaged when it was dropped to the ground.

using a case

using a case

Tips 2: Dont leave your iPhone in damp environment
Please don’t leave your iPhone in damp environment, such as bathtub, the sink, cellar, swimming pool. If you leave your iPhone in these places, the moisture that has permeated into your phone will lead to short-circuit.

do not leave iphone in damp environment

do not leave iPhone in damp environment

Tips 3: Protect the charging port
Some users find that their USB cables don’t work after using for some time. It doesn’t always result from bad quality of cables, but may be caused by your rudeness. If there is metal in charging port, the carrier signal will be weaken. Therefore, you must keep charging port clean.

Tips 4: Keep away from magnetic field
Cellphones carry sound through wireless signal. It means that cellphone is a magnetic body. In addition, both microphone and speaker are created by following electromagnetic principle. Thus, please keep your phone away from dust, lest the speaker “inhale” too much dust which will weaken the sound of the speaker.

keep away from magnetic field

keep away from magnetic field

Tips 5: Use original charger
Unstable current is bad for the life span of electronic components. Fake and poor quality chargers cause serious damage to your iPhone and many accidents are caused by poor quality batteries. Therefore, it is wise for you to use original charger which can guarantee its quality as much as possible.

Tip 6: Clean SIM card
The metal contact in SIM card is very important. To retard its oxidation, we need to keep it away from dust and clean it in a routine. Otherwise, we may meet problems such as network interrupts and SIM card missing and the disorder of the screen display. Usually, SIM card can be used for more than 4 years. Of course, if you change your phone frequently which means that you need to pull out your SIM card and put in it repeatedly, the life of your SIM card will be reduced.

clean sim card

clean sim card

Tips 7: Don’t put it in your trousers pocket
Many people get used to putting their iPhone in pocket because it is the most convenient way to carry their phone. However, it is likely that your phone will be damaged when you sit down taking no notice of it and it is possible that your big screen iPhone 6Plus is Squeezed and fall to the ground.

do not put in trousers pocket

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