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How to Turn off Calls on Other Devices with iPhone

To prevent missing incoming phone call, most of you might have allowed calls on other Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad and Mac. When there’s an incoming call, all your devices, iPhone, iPad, Mac which sign in with the same Apple ID, will ring at the same time. This is somewhat disturbing and annoying. Here comes the question: How to turn off calls on other devices with iPhone? Just hold your iPhone in hand and follow the step below:

Steps to Turn off Calls on Other Devices

1. Go to “Settings” > “Phone” to enter phone call setting list.
2. Find “Calls on Other Devices“.
3. Tap on “Allow Calls on Other Devices” and turn off the toggle “Allow Calls on Other Devices” in the next screen.
Note: These steps are based on iPhone which runs iOS 9. If you use iOS 8, the procedure will be a little different. You just need to go to “Settings” > “FaceTime” > “iPhone Cellular Calls” and turn the toggle off.
Above are all you need to do to turn off phone calls on other Apple devices. It is very simple, isn’t it?

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