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Tweetbot 4: The Best Companion for Twitter

Tweetbot 4 is the best companion for you to check your Twitter on iPhone and iPad. With this awesome Tweetbot 4, everything becomes easier when you are using Twitter. Let’s start checking what outstanding features Tweetbot 4 has in this article.

Dark Mode and Shortcuts

In the new version of Tweebot, there’s a dark mode to make it comfortable for you to read even if you check your Twitter account in bed at dark. This will reduce the harm that digital devices do to your eye sights. Moreover, there are some handy shortcuts for you to turn to timeline, mentions, messages or stats. This new features is compatible not only on iOS, but also on Mac. If you use Mac, the shortcuts are like the screenshot shown below.

Stats and Activity

On Tweetbot, there’re also two new features: Stats and activity. Stats enables you to track the interaction on your Twitter. It provides you with the clear curve graph so that you can have a better understanding of how it behaviors. Next to Stats, there’s an activity page, which shows you the latest mention, follow, fave, quote and retweet on your account.


Retweet with Tweetbot 4

To retweet with Tweetbot 4, there’s one more step to execute. In twitter, the retweet and share button are just under the tweet. However, on Tweetbot 4, you need to tap on the tweet you want to retweet and tap the retweet button when the detail is shown.


Use Split View on Tweetbot 4

Split View is also supported for Tweetbot 4 if you download it on your iPad (running on iOS 9.) With it, you can easily check your twitter and check your email, web link and more at the same time.
It is quite useful to check your tweet with the help of Tweetbot 4. It is useful but it takes you few dollars for the app. Please leave us messages below to share with us what the most extraordinary feature you think it has. And please share with us your opinion on whether you would like to pay for this Twitter companion and why?

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