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Which Updates Would Surprise You at WWDC 2016

Currently, WWDC will be held at San Francisco at 10 a.m. on June 13. In the case of this year’s Google I/O conference suffering from acclaimed, people show more curiosity to the new Apple product that will be released in WWDC 2016. As usual, Apple will introduce the latest developments of its software in this conference.

1. Siri : Understand your Words Better

Siri which is major upgraded this time is rumored that it would join the mailing transcriptions and would open application program interface (API), allowing developers to integrate their software .

Siri iOS 10
Siri will also add VocalIQ voice technology this time. It can respond to more complex questions. In addition, we were informed that when VocalIQ, Google Now, Siri and Cortana were asked to perform a series of similar complex tasks , VocalIQ’s success rate can reach about 90% .

2. iOS 10: Minor Repairs is Needed

Undoubtedly, Apple will release its latest version of OS X and iOS operating system at WWDC. But the interesting news that OS X and iOS will change its name soon can be heard everywhere now.

iOS 10

3D Touch

The killer feature of 3D Touch lined with iPhone6s, did not get a similar success compared to Touch ID that is equipped with iPhone5s. It can be concluded in iOS10, Apple will further optimize 3D Touch, which will be given more possibility on availability and playability. So, for the future of 3D Touch, we can still look forward to.

HomeKit App

In fact, Apple has already released a smart home platform HomeKit, but for various reasons, it has not been able to be formally launched. According to the news, Apple will formally launch this feature in iOS10, and name it “Home“.

HomeKit iOS 10

Hide Native Application

For iPhone users with beggar 16GB version, these apps have always been big headache. For these useless apps occupy a lot of storage space, the voice asking Apple to release the function of removing the native applications has never stopped.

Hide apps iOS 10

Sources already pointed out that iOS10 will allow the users to delete the native application. Of course, some news showing that Apple may only allow the user to hide these applications, but not to delete it truly.

Better Security

Earlier, the debate between Apple and FBI shocked the world, and raises consumers’ concern of safety issue once again. After all, privacy is extremely important for users. Even though it is Apple, it will also certainly perish if it lost consumer’s confidence .

Security iOS 10

There are other changes in iOS10. Such as the new increase of emoji expression( at least more than 70 ) , and the public test system has upcoming changes. For iOS10, we can have a great expectation .

3. Apple Music: Revamped, User-Friendly Interface

As Apple’s new attempt in the field of music, Apple Music has received a great number of users since its on-line in the world . However, the criticism sound of Apple Music has never stopped.

Apple Music iOS 10

It is reported that the “connect” function will be officially off the assembly line in the latest version of the Apple Music. The reason is that this feature is not actually attractive. The recommendation algorithm of “For you” will be updated by Apple to provide users with better and more accurate experience.

4. OS X: Integrated Siri

Currently sources pointed out that OS X will integrated Siri , which is similar to Cortana of Win10. The OS X users will be able to directly take liberties with Siri on their computers in the future. In addition, an upgraded version of Siri on mac may also be unveiled at the WWDC conference.

Ultra-Thin Macbook

The new 13- inch MacBook will pass an exception to be the only General Assembly ‘s hardware. Its body will become thin, and there are new Touch ID and OLED touch keypad. Meanwhile, the new machine also adapt to USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 interfaces, and its inside is equipped with Skylake Core processor.

Mac Book iOS 10

Apple Watch

Compared to the first generation of products, the new generation of Apple Watch will be a huge boost, and hardware is embodied most obviously. It has more powerful processing chip, a larger capacity battery, independent camera and so on.

Apple Watch iOS 10

In a word, for WWDC 2016, everyone has their own unique expectation. For me, I would feel more curious to the function of hiding native application. As to whether Apple can still change the world and surprise us once again or not, we can see.

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