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MacID: Control iTunes Music in Locked/Unlocked Screen

MacID is a useful app both for iOS users and Mac users. There are many MacID features that you might not know. They bring you many different conveniences:
1. Use TouchID on iPhone and iPad to unlock your Mac and change password with ease.
2. Don’t need to enter the password repeatedly to wake your Mac.
3. Control audio playback on Mac.
4. Get notification when your Mac is requesting for authorization.
5. Send text between Mac and iOS.
6. …

This awesome MacID is really useful. On MacID v1.3, there’s a new option: You can get MacID to run AppleScript on Mac and stop iTunes from playing when your Mac is locked. Let me introduce you how to pause/play iTunes music with MacID when Mac is locked/waked to give you an intuitive way on what MacID can do for you.

How to Pause iTunes Music on Locked/Slept Mac with MacID

Step 1. Choose “Finder” > “Go” > and copy and paste “~/Library/Application Support/MacID” and you will see “onLock“, “onSleep“, “onUnlock” and “onWake” folders listed in the sub-directory, Application Support, of MacID directory. Here’s where you need to add the AppleScript text files in.
Step 2. Use “Spotlight” to find AppleScript Editor and open it. Add a new file and paste “tell app ‘iTunes’ to pause” into the editor. Then, choose “File” > “Export…” and name the file such as “pause-itunes“. After that, choose “Text” as the file format and save it under “Onlock” directory.
Now, you can lock your Mac with iTunes music playing, you will find the music paused as soon as you the Mac locked. You can add “tell app ‘iTunes’ to play” into AppleScript with the similar steps under the “onUnlock” directory and the music will keep on playing when you unlock your MacBook Pro/MacBook Air/iMac and more.

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