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What Can MacID Do For You

Though there are many wonderful MacID features and some extend features such as controlling iTunes music on locked Mac with MacID, the most original and useful feature of MacID will be unlocking Mac on iPhone/iPad without typing the password repeatedly. Let’s see how to do this:

MacID: Unlock Mac on iPhone/iPad

Step 1. Install MacID on Mac and iOS
Download MacID for Mac on official site and MacID for iOS on Apple App Store. After that, pair your iPhone/iPad with your Mac via Bluetooth connection.

Step 2. Set Up “Tap to Unlock” on Mac
Click on the MacID icon on your Mac and a drop-down list will be shown. Move the mouse to “Tap to Unlock” and there’s a “Setup…” option displayed.
Step 3. Set Up Taps
Then, there will be a pop-up shows, move the cursor to the center of the virtual trackpad and press your fingers on the multi-touch trackpad of your computer. Try tap with 1 finger at the first time, then 2 fingers and then 3. After that, choose “Save” in the virtual trackpad.
Step 4. Further Configuration on “Tap to Unlock”
Now you’ve finish the primary configuration of MacID. Move the mouse to “MacID” > “Tap to Unlock” and the options will be different:
1. “Disable…“: This will disable “Tap to Unlock” setup.
2. “Taps visible on lock screen“: Show or hide taps when you tap on the multi-touch trackpad.
3. “Only unlock if primary iOS device connected“: Allow “Tap to Unlock” when primary iOS device is connected via Bluetooth.
4. “Tap pattern locks Mac“: Use the same sequence anywhere while your Mac is unlocked to lock another Mac.
Note: You can also choose “Auto-lock when away from Mac” to lock the Mac when the iPhone is far away from the Mac. There are three options to set up based on the Bluetooth signal: low, medium and high. “Proximity wake” allows you to unlock your Mac automatically when your primary iPhone connected is close to your Mac.

Why not try it on your own? It’s really funny and powerful than you can ever imagine. With MacID, you can unlock your Mac without typing in the password time and time again manually. Instead, you just need the simple touch ID recognition on your iPhone or simple gesture on the trackpad.

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