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Wikiwand: An App to Make Wikipedia Beautiful

As we know, Wikipedia is a product emerging in response to the needs of Internet. Wikipeida, the free encyclopedia, acts more than a traditional encyclopedia. However, with its interface having been updated over a decade, we found it cluttered, hard to read, hard to navigate and lacking of usability. In order to overcome all these shortcomings, Grossman and Ilan developed Wikiwand to make Wikipedia more beautiful in interface and easier to browse.


The interface of Wikiwand includes a sidebar menu, navigation bar, personalized links to other languages, new typography, and access to previews of linked articles. The list of contents is constantly displayed on the left-side. Now, let me show you the detail info of Wikiwand in two parts:

Part 1: How to Download and Install Wikiwand
Part 2: How to Use Wikiwand

Part 1: How to Download and Install Wikiwand

By now, Wikiwand has iOS and Android App. Besides, Chrome, Firefox and Safari can also enjoy it by adding Wikiwand extensions.

Browser Extension and Wikiwand App enjoy almost the same functions. The only difference is their ways of entrance. Taking Chrome for example, you can click any Wikipedia linkage and it will redirect you to wikiwand interface which make the articles browsing easier. For Wikiwand App on your phone, you can enter wikipedia directly through

You can go to the official site of Wikiwand to download the browser extension or Wikiwand app.


Part 2: How to Use Wikiwand

1. Use Wikiwand on Chrome/Firefox/Safari

After installed, clicking on any Wikipedia linkages will automatically direct you to Wikiwand interface for cleaner and easier browsing. As you can see, Wikiwand creates a clean and beautiful background by utilizing big pictures and semi-transparent sidebar menu instead of clauses lists and articles. And the pictures will folds as you scroll down. To enjoy full-screen reading, the sidebar will disappear when you mouse pointer leaves it and it will immediately pops up if you hover your mouse pointer over it. What a convenient design!


Here are some distinguish features about Wikiwand on browser:

a. Quickly Preview Function
With hyperlink, the sidebar on the left side enables quick preview function when you scroll your mouse pointer to each section so that you can know where you are. With this preview function, you don’t need to click out all the sections, instead, you can click the one that you are interested in. Besides, there are related recommended clauses under each section, making reading more time-saving and ensuring you a pleasant reading experience.


b. Switch Language
Please click the circular icon in the toolbar on the top right to switch a language. It looks like a circle with the current language inside, for example (EN). On top of that, you are entitled to use Wikiwand in your way including switching Seri to Sans, changing white background to a black one or vice versa, adjusting text size, adjusting column width.


c.  Switch to Wikipedia
Wikiwand also have other functions like share, bookmark, etc. If you want to save an article in PDF, or you are the editor of Wikiwand, you can find corresponding functions. If you ever want to read on original Wikipedia form, you are entitled to switch to it by clicking “Read on Wikipedia” and switch back to Wikiwand at the upper-left corner.


2. Wikiwand for iOS & Android

On top of all the functions browser extension, the functions of iOS and Android Wikiwand have been optimized according to mobile traits. For example, the main information of each clause are shown by colorful cards or quick fact panel on the top of its interface for quick and easy viewing.


Another interesting function is that it takes full advantage of internal search of Google.


Given the network is running smoothly, Wikiwand fast and beautiful reading experience with free charging.

For more details and feedback about Wikiwand, please turn to official website:

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