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Wildcard: New Way to Browse Mobile Web

We are now living in an era where Internet is playing more and more important role in news and entertainment retrieval, facing so much new however fixed information each day. Then how can we well organize so as to digest them in an easy way? If you are commanding in information retrieval you may take times to make your customized RSS. It costs so much effort and time. Thankfully, Wildcard makes it effortless to understand and digest news and other information by syndicating trending topics with streamlined “cards“.

1. Cutting-edge User Interface

Wildcard takes advantage of “cards” as you can tell from its name. Once you open the app, instead of regular classification like other applications, you will see cards, piling one above another, which bridge different kinds of topics and events.
The main screen is very simple. From top to bottom, it consists of a search bar, a box of trending search, featured collections with specific number and everyday top news stories. Though the design is regular, the contents are updated offhandedly to keep the readers staying with up-to-date news.


2. View as Card

Compared to paper age, one of the advantages of Internet is that people get information with a much more all-sided way other than viewing news with long text only. This is also the aim Wildcard devoted itself to.

If you want to search a topic for specific, you can type key words in the search bar to fetch all the related contents in a set of cards. They will list out reports from different sources by syndicating words, colorful pictures and videos. What’s more, some will display you the related comments from Twitter which enables you to learn a hotspot from different point of view. For that contents that you have much interest in, you can tap on the related card as “view as card” to view in full screen for details.


3. Colorful Dynamic Effect

Apart from the contents, Wildcard also features color dynamic effect. Such as load effect, zoom out and zoom in effect when tapping on and exiting the cards. These wonderful dynamic effects ensure readers a pleasant reading.

4. Fast and Responsive

Wildcard deliver contents with streamlined cards which enable you to understand the gist in each card at a glance so as to help you filter those you are interested in. Thus you can save lot of time. On the other hand, Wildcard receives everything what is happening is the world continually so whatever you search, it will fetch you from tons of sources without the wait.


Wrap Up:

The design is simple, however slick, the contents are colorful and just-in-time, the search results are quick and responsive, and the dynamic effect and streamlined cards also stand Wildcard out among its kinds. If you want to stay on top of days, Wildcard is the app for you.

There is always a “however” about a new app. Wildcard has no classification and subscription function. Maybe that’s the reason why we call it an app serves for the masses over the individual. However, Wildcard do personalize every “card” to deliver information in a vivid way.

Do you like it? If you want to enjoy the experience Wildcard brings. Please note that Wildcard is available for free download currently in App Store. And it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch running iOS 8.0 or later.

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